I am defined as “tears”. In my African lineage, it’s a bad definition because it’s popularly associated with sorrow.

But I am full of grace, full of undeserved favor.

I am the tears, the tears that signify the love of a loved one when they pass on.

Tears of joy that signify laughter, when a baby is born or when someone finally gets that promotion.

I am full of greatness and I will succeed, because I have God by my side.

I am loved, because Jesus died on the cross for me.

I am different and determined, because I have faith in God to be.

I will leave a legacy, because my life is a testimony and He is not yet done with me.

Purpose, is what will help me through.

Prayer and His love, is what will keep me sane when a cloud of darkness tries to blur my path.

I am joy and I am a testimony!